Thursday, 19 February 2015

Mooching about... all that I can do at the moment as the late winter/ early spring status quo is the order of the day. All right, there may be the chance of a white winger or a Caspo but its pretty much all old hat these days, so probably wont expect too much action until April time.
The status quo has not been too bad though too be fair. Monsieur Richard was present until the 23rd of January when I finally managed to get a half reasonable image. Unfortunately all good things come to an end and he (or she) has not been seen subsequently to my knowledge despite my going to Twickenham for the rugby on the 14th in an attempt to give Geoff the opportunity to relocate it yet again! All the other winter goodies have been putting in appearrances with at least one ringtail Hen Harrier still present on the 15th February along with at least 2 Shorties. The last named are becoming more intermittent in their appearances and do not appear to be present in the same numbers as they were early to mid winter, perhaps prey is harder to come by now. The Lookers' Dartford is still present although the White Dyke bird was not present the last time I visited for the WEBS count on 8th February. All the residents have been regular with the Peregrine pair, and Water Rail everpresent, although Marsh Harriers have seemingly reduced in numbers along with the Shorties. There were at least 6 individuals well into January but recently I have only been seeing 3, always welcome though. With 4 Chiffs present on the 8th and 5 Shelduck on Down on the same day perhaps Spring is just around the corner, Lesser Celandines were flowering in St Leonards this week on my lunch time wanderings so here's hoping.