Friday, 31 January 2014


According to my thirteen year old daughter "sick" is really good.  I have taken this to mean that sick is the equivalent of "wicked" in my youth (yes - I did have one) or "ace" in her grandfathers youth, and not ill - which is what I was all last week leading to the cessation of all activity.  This afternoon I was finally able to escape the clutches of work and disease and get out on the levels where the heavens soon opened exactly as forecast.  The second winter Med pictured above was in the flooded fields near Norman's Bay this afternoon - I am not a massive gull fan but have always enjoyed Med gulls and second winter has always been my plumage of choice. Sick...
Zip all else to be seen on the levels with 11 Teal near Rickney the best given the comparative absence of duck this year.  Nearby the Slavonian Grebe was still at Prince's Park in Eastbourne just before dusk and was a useful excuse for avoiding the weekly shop at Morrison's!

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