Sunday, 23 March 2014

Collective nouns

I am uncertain as to the collective noun for Shelduck so googled it this afternoon to discover possibles such as "doading" or "dopping".  Unfortunately I am given to understand that these may also be urban slang for various unpleasantness so I think I shall stick to "flock" or "group".  This group of ten were on Down Level this morning along with 6 Little Egret and the other usual suspects.  In fact this morning was generally very quiet with the only indication of any migratory activity being several singing Chiffchaff around the levels and 2 Grey Wagtail at the sluice on Cooden Beach.  Raptors were also noticeably absent apart from Buzzards at Down and Hankham Levels and a Peregrine over Sluice Lane.

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